KY-133 Red and green laser lights meteor shower

Effect image show
Features:Green,RGY firefly twinkling star laser show system,more than 2000 beams shooted out from the aperture within 70 angles,the effect of otating,frequently flashing,zoom(+/-)and color controlled,such as a firefly has flying and twinkling effect,These new products are the latest inventions patent in the world with aunique effect and large marketing potential.
DMX512:5 channels control with the function of" BLACK OUT"
Safety Capacity:Master/slave mode,DMX512 mode,will shut off laser automatically without triggre signal. oundactive mode with the function of shut off laser ifno music. Designed according to security and good performance,safer to human and environment.
Applicable for Disco、Clubs、KTV、Pub、Bar、family、party etc.